Avocado seed (avocado or avocado)

Avocado seed (avocado or avocado)

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The avocado, in addition to being delicious, provides us with antioxidants and natural fats that help us stay healthy and feel better. The seeds on the other hand contain fiber and amino acids and help prevent heart disease — and avocado seeds are the best of both worlds. Here are thirteen reasons to start grinding those seeds and include them in your daily diet:

1. 70% of the amino acids in avocado are in the seed, its oil reduces cholesterol levels and helps defend the body from cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

2. Studies have shown that avocado seeds have more soluble fiber than any other food.

3. The avocado seed is excellent for fighting inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract as well as diarrhea. In South America they use the seed as a remedy for infections and stomach problems.

4. They contain phenolic compounds that prevent intestinal ulcers and viral and bacterial infections.

5. The flavonol contained in the seeds prevents the growth of tumors.

6. They strengthen the immune system and help prevent debilitating diseases and their antioxidants slow the aging process.

7. The anti-inflammatory properties of the seeds seem to help people suffering from arthritis and other diseases.

8. Rejuvenating effect: studies have shown that they increase the amount of collagen in the skin, giving it a smooth and wrinkle-free appearance.

9. The oil from the seeds will add extra shine to your hair and help prevent dandruff.

10. The seeds help to lose weight since according to some studies it reduces glucose in the blood.

11. Streaking, roasting, and drinking the seeds in tea helps control asthma.

12. According to QiGong medicine, avocado seeds contain high levels of Qi energy, which help us to feel in tune with life energy.

13. The seeds can be consumed in many ways: they can be dried, grated, roasted, roasted and eaten. They can be eaten in salads, drunk in teas, smoothies and smoothies, or eaten alone (if you don't mind the bitter taste).

The avocado is the perfect example of a fruit that we like to eat and yet we discard the healthiest part: its seed. Why waste its seed if we can eat it? Be it for health or vanity, consuming 100% of an avocado is the most responsible thing we can do to keep our bodies and minds aligned while we make the most of everything that nature offers us.

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