10 reasons why you don't need to eat animals

10 reasons why you don't need to eat animals

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1.- In the 70s, numerous investigations were carried out that showed that low-fat diets prevent heart disease. The vegetarian diet has these characteristics, and can also reverse these ills.

2.- Polysaturated vegetable fats tend to lower blood pressure, while animal fats raise it.

3.- It is a good measure to prevent cancer due to the amount of fibers present in vegetarian food; By facilitating the expulsion of food waste, toxins are eliminated, thus preventing colon cancer. There are also many vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, garlic, and others, which contain anticancer foods.

4.- Meatless pasta contains a large amount of carbohydrates and is the favorite food of runners because it produces slow and sustained energy without excess fat or calories.

5.- The more fruits, vegetables and cereals you eat, the more nutrients your body will have. A varied and properly balanced vegetarian diet provides the necessary levels of nutrients that your body needs.

6.- The diet based mainly on cereals, vegetables and fruits, helps to control diabetes. Asians and Polynesians have a similar diet and cases of diabetes among this population are rare; But when they adopt the Western way of eating, the cases of diabetes become more numerous with frequent complications, such as arteriosclerosis.

7.- Vegetable-based dishes are cheaper, in terms of fruit costs, think that you are saving medical bills.

8.- Pasta and cereals are a good source of energy, recommended especially by athletes and bodybuilders, to build muscles and increase resistance. Contrary to popular belief, the vegetarian diet is not low in protein.

9.- You will increase your knowledge of nutrition by taking an interest in changing your eating habits and turning to the existing literature on vegetarianism.

10.- It is a complete diet Because all the nutrients that the body needs are found in the plant kingdom; vitamins, amino acids and minerals are present in vegetables.

Feeding alone is not enough ...

As important as proper nutrition is the emotional balance that we must maintain to remain healthy. Something difficult to achieve in these troubled times, but it is necessary to resort to the resources we have at hand to achieve it. We must start by reviewing our attitude towards life and avoid the habit of haste, typical of big cities, which only get on our nerves, produce anxiety, anguish and stress, deteriorating our quality of life with negative repercussions for our body.

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