The surprising body changes when you stop drinking alcohol, sugar and caffeine

The surprising body changes when you stop drinking alcohol, sugar and caffeine

However, giving up these vices can have surprising results on your body and your mood. This is stated by three authors of articles published in the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ who promised to participate in a unique experiment that consisted of giving up their addictions for three months.

As they indicate, it is not only possible, but it is also worth it.


Writer Angela Johnson, 40, stopped using alcohol.

“After six weeks […] my friends and colleagues started telling me that my eyes were lighter, that my face looked less puffy and that I had lost weight. Also, I realized that I felt more energetic, ”he explained.

However, doctors noticed that his cholesterol levels rose because he increased his sugar intake.

Angela acknowledges that the challenge was really tough and has started drinking alcohol again.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms usually appear within 8 hours after the last drink, but can occur days later. They usually peak in 24 to 72 hours, but can continue for weeks. Common symptoms include: Anxiety or nervousness.

The heart, stomach, brain, liver, kidney, skin and lungs present short and long term sequelae due to ingested alcoholic degrees. Alcohol is terribly harmful, says general practitioner Andrés Ramírez, who states that all organs are affected by this consumption.


The brave man who stopped taking sugar for three months was Chris Henry, 42. The results, he says, were surprising.

When the experiment began, he suffered from headaches and felt low in energy, but as the days passed he regained his strength.

In addition to dropping two pants sizes, her cholesterol levels dropped and her blood pressure improved. As if that were not enough, Henry also assures that after the experiment he no longer feels a craving for candy.

Excess sugar consumption is largely responsible for obesity. Consuming 160 lbs per year of something indigestible would likely have a less healthy effect on the body. But in the case of sugar, it is worse. Sugar turns into fat. The excess glucose is changed to fatty acids, then triglycerides, then stored as adipose tissue. (Erasmus, p 34) This is due to Joe Sixpack's spare tire. Or little fat Johnny, who must have his coke every two hours.

What does refined sugar really do to the body?

suppresses the immune system
causes hyperactivity in children
Kidney damage
mineral deficiencies, especially chromium, copper, calcium, and magnesium
makes the blood acidic
tooth decay
advances aging
digestive disorders
decreased blood flow to the heart
causes osteoporosis
causes food allergies
causes eczema
formation of free radicals
loss of enzyme function
increases liver and kidney size
brittle tendons
blood clots


Antonia Hoyle, 36, admits that she felt physically ill when she stopped consuming caffeine.

Like Henry, the challenge became easier as time passed and his mood improved considerably. His blood pressure dropped, as did his cholesterol.

From drinking four coffees, three cups of tea and two soft drinks a day, Antonia has gone to consuming only one cup of coffee and tea daily.

The downside? That he got fat. Of course, only a little over a kilo.

"I feel calmer, but I am fatter," he said.

Drinking coffee can damage the gastrointestinal tract and cause ulcers or other types of irritation in the stomach and intestines. In addition to this, consuming this drink produces irritation and anxiety, two moods that are harmful to the organs of the digestive system.

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