In this city there is no money, religion or politics

In this city there is no money, religion or politics

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By Santi Araujo

It is a kind of compilation of all the cultural and non-governmental movements that work to make the world a better place: recycling, working in exchange for barter and food, etc. In addition, it has a totally incredible architectural design, as some of the best architects and artists have decided to create homes in this "rural" area.

Auroville seeks to be a universal city in which women and men of all countries can live in harmony, above any creed, politics or nationality. The purpose of Auroville is to enhance the unity of the human being.

"The mother" believed that this universal city would fundamentally contribute to the "rebirth of India." Auroville does not belong to anyone in particular, "it belongs to all humanity." But, in order to live in this special place, one must be a servant of the "divine consciousness".

Currently, people of 50 different nationalities reside, with age ranges, social classes, cultures, etc. very different. Basically, this city is like a version of the planet on a smaller scale, but in which you want to do things in a very different way. Its population rises to 2,400 inhabitants.

Neither is there religion or politics

Auroville believes in the truth, above religious convictions. There is a temple in the center of the city, called "The Mantrimandir". It has a spiritual meaning for those who practice integral yoga, but it does not belong to any type of religion or sect.

In terms of politics, there is no hierarchical order and it is controlled by a group made up of the most adult residents. Imagine a town that is run by 900 people, from different cultures, who often do not understand each other. Despite the infighting in the community, Auroville is almost like an independent nation.

There is also no money, and Auroville only maintains monetary relations with the outside. Individual worth is much more important than having money or a certain social position. The truth is that it is an example that things can be done in a different way, at a time when it becomes necessary to rethink everything.


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