Mama, Papa, I want to be vegan

Mama, Papa, I want to be vegan

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If you have decided, for ethical or health reasons, to stop eating products of animal origin (meat and fish), do so, you have nothing to fear, you will let other non-human beings live in peace, you will breathe better (14% of greenhouse gases are caused by the cattle herd) and your health will improve. But do it right.

If you ate badly in the conventional diet, you will also do it the safest in the vegan one.

I recommend going to a nutritionist dietitian and documenting yourself thoroughly since the problem lies in the fact that most of the so-called conventional products are handled from the origin by a good part of the food industry, they add all kinds of improvers / additives (flavorings, colorants , preservatives, antioxidants, acidulants, sweeteners, thickeners, starch derivatives, flavorings, emulsifiers, etc.) and synthetic vitamins that contain chemical compounds that do not originate in nature, the product undergoing a "denaturation", which we do not choose, it is chosen by the manufacturer. The example is found in most food commercials on TV, where they boast of this action.

The product selected for our consumption must be ecological, without any chemical treatment and if we can choose, it must be certified with the Euro Sheet. It is very important that you know how to distinguish an organic product from a conventional product, the Euro Sheet distinguishes them.

If you are of growing age, do not neglect vitamin B12 and remember, you are free to eat whatever you want.

By Enric Urrutia

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