Criminal: Macri finances more glyphosate-spraying planes

Criminal: Macri finances more glyphosate-spraying planes

Yes, you read that correctly: The State, that is, all Argentines, will finance fumigation planes to be poisoned with glyphosate.

IT IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON PUBLIC HEALTH, WHICH CANNOT BE DESCRIBED OTHERWISE: Furthermore, forcing people to pay for their own poisoning is twisted sadism.

While the Argentine Army falls to pieces and Mauricio Macri does not invest in a penny in infrastructure for the Air Force (except for the small planes that he recently bought to cut himself off), the government orders that the Argentine Aircraft Factory Brigadier San Martín (FadeA), dependent on the Ministry of Defense, and the Banco de la Nación sign an agreement to subsidize companies and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector in the purchase of PA-25 Puelche aircraft, designed for fumigation of fields.

These fumigations include glyphosate, agent orange and other pesticides that increased cancer rates in Argentina from 20% (CABA) to 40% (towns fumigated).

The plan to kill neighbors was announced with great fanfare during the Agroactiva 2016 agricultural exhibition, held in the Santa Fe town of Monje. The National Government will finance 70 percent of the value of the planes with a term of 60 months at a nominal annual subsidized rate of 19.5 percent during the first three years.

Meanwhile, "Cambiemos" and his criminal associates of the press are preparing Maria Eugenia Vidal as a presidential candidate in case the people "get excited" and understand who Mauricio Macri really is, and for what interests he

Celeste Fassbinder

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