A whale "rests in peace" on the banks of the river Seine in Paris

A whale

His presence is very vivid:

Oh my God, poor whale! It is incredibly sad! Some people expressed also moved through social networks.

Maybe she got there because she was sick! Someone else wrote on ChantalTV.

Very soon the secret is revealed. It is a sculpture, not a real whale.

A group of Belgian artists created this work to raise awareness about climate change and intensive fishing.

It simulates a real 15-meter-long cetacean, displayed there before the puzzled gaze of Parisians and tourists, and protected by people dressed in white who spray water on its body.

"Captain Boomer Collective" is the group of artists who created the "sperm whale", and made it on purpose with its jaws wide open and looking up at the sky.

The work is “a silly question that the sea asks man”, “an enigma from the depths”, that's how the artists describe the meaning of the work.

The stranding of a whale on the beach has always been a magical event. The villages trembled and rejoiced when it happened. This is what they rebuilt.

The Epoch Times

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