A sustainable idea: children's clothing that will grow with them

A sustainable idea: children's clothing that will grow with them

By Valentina de Anda

Fortunately, someone thought of parents and younger siblings (?) And came up with aclothing line that stretches and accompanies the growth of the children.

The creator and his magic

Ryan Mario Yasin, a designer graduated from the London Academy, is the creator of this original idea. His studies in aeronautical engineering allowed him to bring the concept of«One size» at a tangible level. The result? Articles of clothing that accompany children in their growth.

The firm that is responsible for developing the product is calledPetit-Pli.The garments are made with pleats that allow them to stretch as the child grows. And contrary to what we might imagine, it does not look like plus-size, bulky or unaesthetic clothing.

"One size for all"

The brief contact that the designer had with the world of fashion was enough for him to know the amount of toxic waste and pollution generated by one of the largest industries in the world. It was then that he realized that he must do something to contribute to the environment:

«I realized that I could focus my project on children's clothing: ¨one size for all¨. Once I settled on this concept, it was only a matter of time figuring out how to achieve it. "

Under the concept of "one size for all", Yasin seeks to develop a brand for little adventurers who are willing to discover their world through tangible experiences. The garments aredesigned for any climate And, he says, they are so comfortable that they won't restrict your movements.

At first glance, the photos take away credit from the witty idea, since the clothes are not attractive compared to the traditional ones. However, we cannot deny that it is an idea that proposes a paradigm shift for a society that is used to renewing its wardrobe every season.

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