Leonardo Da Vinci and his references to the wolf

Leonardo Da Vinci and his references to the wolf


Punishment.- When the wolf cautiously enters a stable and accidentally puts the wrong foot, causing noise, he bites his foot to punish his mistake.


Anything lighter than water served as a refuge for various animals, which, reconciled by the common danger, were associated in fearful groups. There were among them: wolves, foxes, snakes and all sorts of beasts fleeing death. But the waves hit the edges of the refuge sites and threw various floating objects, ultimately causing the deaths of those who had so far escaped alive.

Men defended their small shelters with armed hand against lions, wolves and other rapacious beasts that also sought their salvation there. How many dreadful rumors could be heard through the dark air, shaken by lightning and thunder, destroyers of account things found in their way! How many of you would have seen cover your ears to avoid the immense noises caused in the air by the fury of the winds and the rain and the thunder that shook the sky, illuminated by lightning!

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